Oh... Canada!

We’ve been deluged with requests for the book from Canada. (Obviously, the battle against BSL is being fought there fiercely, with significant success -- including the recent end of prejudicial laws in Montreal). 

Canadians have been big supporters of the Galunker project from the start. (Moreover, Douglas is one of you.) But until now we simply couldn’t figure out a way to ship that wasn’t a fortune.

We finally have a solution. Note that it’s still quite pricey if you buy only one copy -- this is just the reality of shipping to Canada from the States. But if you can team up with fellow pit bull supporters (and we all know each other, right?) then the shipping becomes affordable.

Here's how it works:

To ship one book is $16. Two is $25.25.  Three is $37.25

2 books, for example:

The real tipping point is when you order four at once.  The shipping total then is $45.20 -- which isn’t insane: just $11.30 per book.  AND the service is much quicker:  7 to 11 days (as opposed to 21). The largest single order is for eight books, and this brings the cost down to only $7.02 per book.  Not bad at all.

This, for example, an order of 5 books:

All this to say, have a Galunker party with four (or seven) of your best pit bull friends, and after a few glasses of (very good) Canadian wine, order the books to be shipped together.
(The shipping of shirt or a bag, by the way, as they are much lighter, will only cost a little over 6 dollars!). 

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